My 40th Birthday Wish

$40 from 40 for Woolly

So... this year I turn 40. It’s a nice round number that holds some sort of cultural significance. It is also easily divisible.

I am not really much for presents, but I do like my Woolly Mammoth Theatre Co. A lot.

In lieu of gifts, I have challenged myself to find 40 donors to give $40 to Woolly. But, since $40 is more than some can afford, I’ve decided to apply that fractions thing I learned back in the 70s to give folks some choices (making my real goal an average thing... look at all this math). Any donation will ensure that I have a happy birthday and that Woolly continues to take risks and put up great productions of America’s best contemporary playwrights.

Thanks for helping to make this a great 40th!

Please note that this page is set up as a "ticketed" donation so please select the number of wishes you like and don't try to enter the dollar amount you intend to donate. The total at the bottom will reflect the amount of your donation. Thanks.